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It’s shocking and sad to see what is happening in Myanmar. Over a month ago the military seized power, denying the landslide win of the National League of Democracy in Nov 2020 elections (check your favorite newschannel(s) for an account on what happened and/or the blog MohingaMatters for a daily overview).

Myanmar’s people are standing up to the military with enormous bravery, persistence and also creativity. From banging pots at home to blocking the military’s way with cars and motorcycles, clothes lines, sandbags ... there is unity in striving to restore democracy.

Although the danger of protesting is rising every day as the military response gets brutal, there are thousands in the street; government officials, girls in their evening dresses, students, LGBT, housewives, clerks, the police…from the North to the South - the country walking for freedom and hoping for the support of the world to restore their elected government.

Friends in Yangon tell me there is blood on the streets where we used to stroll and bike around and that it is dangerous to even just get a bottle of water from the store next door. I am torn between wishing that they all stay home and safe and wishing the protests to continue until the military steps down again.

Would I have the courage to go outside and stand up for my rights like you do? I am not sure. I admire your courage friends and colleagues in Yangon and people of Myanmar. Know that I walk with you as do many people across the globe (see for example the Solidarity Walk happening today at the Golden Gate Bridge, organized by Jack Kornfeld) and the risks you take and lives that were lost are not forgotten.

Looking at this courage and unity of the people in the country, it’s also hopeful and encouraging what is happening in Myanmar now. I hope this will very soon lead to the elected government being back in power.

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